Volunteer Training Workshop and Resource


Using the following scenario, you are required to design a volunteer training workshop, including the production of a resource for volunteers to take away with them from the training session. You need to submit:

 1) a brief schedule and description of the one-day training session that details the learning objectives of the training, what will be covered, when it will be covered, and how it will be covered. This should give a clear indication of both the content and processes you will use in the session and demonstrate a good understanding of the concepts drawn from this subject. A single page document will suffice.

 2) a copy of the training resource – a document produced for participants to take away from the session which provides a detailed discussion of the issues addressed in the training. This document should be fully referenced, reflecting the topics covered in the first 5 units of the subject, and should also provide links to resources for further reading and information.

 3) In this assignment, you are also required to briefly discuss: ‘community work is working with people rather than for people’. How would you demonstrate this? What strategies would you use to educate/promote this concept with volunteers? You may treat this as a separate section in the resource manual or else integrate it right through the manual.

Scenario:You are a Community Development Officer (CDO) employed at the Upper Richmond Community Centre, located in the outer suburbs of Smithton, a fictional regional city in Queensland (pop 75,000). The suburb of Upper Richmond is a lower socio-economic area with diverse cultural groups and a significant Indigenous population. Unemployment is on the rise in the community, and social infrastructure is generally regarded as inadequate. Workers at the Centre have recently completed a very successful volunteer recruitment drive and now have a group of 15 community members keen to get involved in the community development work of the Centre. The Centre Coordinator has asked you to conduct a one-day training workshop with these volunteers to introduce them to some of the fundamental ideas underpinning community work.


BRIEF ON THIS ASSESSMENT 1: https://flashstream1.jcu.edu.au/camrelay/Narayan_Gopalkrishnan/Assignment_1/Assignment_1_-_20160803_103238_6.html

Community Work development:


What is Community:

https://flashstream1.jcu.edu.au/camrelay/Narayan_Gopalkrishnan/Lecture_2/Lecture_2_- _20160802_145226_6.html

Perspectives on social problems :