View segment of Unnatural Causes: Bad Sugar video



рlеase watch the videо unnatural causes BAD SUGAR

Reflectiоn Papers: Bad Sugar (unnatural causes) video

Reflection Papers (2): The Reflection papers will be prepared after watching a video or reading a peer reviewed journal article or other activitу that define, measure, conceptualize public Health. 5 points each paper for a total of 10 Points. Length: 1-2 typed pages. Double spaced 1” margin all around and 12pt font.

You may conduct research for more information or clarity on the topic: what causes a disease or injury, or what factors make it more likely for the conditions to exist or happen (even if they don’t cause it), and explain how those causes and risk factors operate for individuals, families, communities and the society at large. You should then prepare your reflection paper

A reflection paper is an essay of your thoughts about something that could be a movie, book, incident, etc. To put it simply, it is a paper on what you think about the exercise, activity or experience. It should state your personal insights, opinion, observation, your perception and your own words. You could have a quote but aside from the introduction and a brief description of the subject, a reflection paper should an introduction (thesis statement), body and conclusion judgment and summary.

Guiding questions for video’s (Do not provide response to these questions)
• According to the piece, what happens to communities when essential resources are scarce or not available?
• What happens to health outcomes as the community exist with this deficit or lack of resources, including the impact on culture and social factors?
• What are some of the risk factors for poor health and disparities that the piece mentions? What are some laws or programs created to address or reduce the impact?
• How can people working in the field of public health help to address this problem?
• What is the impact of lack of water on the tribes, SES and quality of life?