UAE economic Statecraft on Yemen

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Memo will be UAE economic Statecraft on Yemen. the web contains tremendous sources regarding UAE economic efforts in Yemen. please use these sources I will upload in to my accout drafts and how to write Memo.
guidline :-
Participants will write a two-page (single-spaced, 11 font) policy memo in which they will consider the application of policy tools to a situation of strategic importance to the UAE. The evaluation should explain why utilizing one particular tool of economic statecraft will help the UAE (and allied countries if applicable) achieve a policy goal while a different particular tool of economic statecraft would not help the UAE and allies achieve a policy goal.

The evaluations will require students to perform the following tasks:

1) Succinctly identify what they believe should be the policy goal and why and 2) Explain why a particular tool of economic power will or will not support the policy goal.

Claims must be supported with evidence. Explanations of the effectiveness of a tool should compare different options and explain via analysis why one tool will be more or less effective than other options. The paper may identify one policy goal and evaluate tools against this goal or two different policy goals, considering how one tool will help achieve these policy goals A while another tool will not be effective in achieving policy goal B.

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