Theory & Research in Nursing


  1. Peer Presentation Critique (50 points) – Students will be assigned to peer review another student’s poster presentation of the RU/EBP Project proposal.
    1. The peer review will be a blind review by the classmate. Constructive, helpful critique of the poster is essential.
    2. Faculty will send the peer review assignment via email the week of the assigned peer review requesting a 3-day turnaround for one peer review.
    3. The peer reviewer receives a grade of up to 50 points based upon the thoroughness of the peer review.
    4. NOTE: The faculty will not incorporate the peer review as part of the student’s grade. This assignment is evaluating a student’s ability to critique a colleague. Students will not be provided with the scores from the peer evaluator.


There are two tables across two pages in this document.   The first table pertains to information about you and identification of the presentation you reviewed. The second table below should be used to provide your scoring. Please complete the following information with your name, the title of the presentation you are critiquing, and the name of the author of that presentation. There is also a line for the final score you are providing to this critique. You need to provide one comment about a weakness of the presentation and one strength comment of the presentation. Complete this document and upload it in the dropbox. DO NOT UPLOAD THE CRITIQUE IN THE DISCUSSION BOARD.


Your Name:


Title of the Presentation:


Name of the Presenter:


Strength Comment:


Weakness Comment:




Presentation Development Scoring Criteria Form

  Content Criteria Possible Content Points Points Score
1 Title, your name & affiliation (Cal U)    5 points
2 Background section: statement of purpose 20 points
3 Literature review – key points only 20 points
4 Proposed intervention methodology 10 points
5 Proposed evaluation methodology 10 points
6 References: short citation (authors, year, journal, volume & pages        (no article title).    5 points
Subtotal 70 points
  Format Criteria Possible Format Points  
1 Correct grammar, spelling, bulleted points with sentence fragments.    5 points
2 Create a single slide in PowerPoint using the Page Setup option to set 36 inches width by 40 inches height.) Free template is available as course link. Use the PowerPoint grid and ruler option to make sure text boxes are aligned.    5 points

Use dark text on a light background to maximize readability. Do not use textured backgrounds.

   5 points
4 The title for this size poster should be at least 72-pt font. Your name and affiliation can be smaller (48-pt).

a.       Section headings (e.g. Results, etc.) should be 48-pt. The minimum recommended font size for any section of your poster is 28-pt.

b.       Whenever possible use 32-pt or larger, especially for the more important sections.

   5 points
5 Use graphics when appropriate to increase visual appeal. (You should have at least one graph and may include another visual item.)    5 points
6 Be specific but minimize detail and use simple, jargon-free statements.

Don’t overwhelm the viewer with excessive amounts of information; poster should enhance and invite discussion.

   5 points
Subtotal 30 points
Total Points 100 points