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Assessment Task: Part 1

The piece is to be written in an engaging format suitable for public consumption. The website “The
Conversation” describes this as being the reading age of a 16 year old. This is not to say that the
pieces should not be serious, its just that we want you to be free to write this in a clear and engaging
and way and above all, in your own voice.
Even though the piece is not positioned as an “academic” text, it is important that it has some
authority. Therefore, present your view in the context of your findings from Assignment 1, the lecture series and readings. It is mandatory to include at least 4 quotes (2 from something that provoked or
inspired you in the lecture series and 2 drawn from the readings) to substantiate your claims (or to
argue against).
This piece is to be 1500-2000 words in length.

? Views from assessment 1: is attached under the following name:

– Assessment 1- essay

? Quote of readings: please find through rescores attached.

? Lectures were not attended, please find quotes from readings and relate back to lectures. Please do not refrence the readings in this part, please make it look like lectures were attended.

Assessment Task: Part 2

One of the intentions of this subject is to engage you with a particular line of thinking (or at least a
series of questions and challenges to the current political and economic order) throughout semester.
This thinking will be disseminated through a series of readings, approximately one per week, and the
tutorial conversations that are sparked by these readings. Each week, as you attend your tutorial, you
will be asked to bring one paragraph that summaries a key point from the weekly reading and/or you
view on it, of around 150-200 words.
This part of the assignment is to be a “chain letter” comprising your paragraphs – issued week by week
but collated here and edited to effect a flow between the various passages. It might also be expected
that your views evolve because of the tutorial discussion and so this may also be a cause of edit or
reconsideration of your material, which is reasonable.
This piece will therefore be total 1800-2200 words in length (8 x 150/200 words plus intro and
concluding paragraph). Refer to all resources attached to this file.