The Effects of Gibrat Law


Looking for professional writer who are very aware of R studio, STATA, Company analysis, industrial DYNAMIC, Econometric and know how to get and analyze the data. (Academic paper and journal formatting)


Topic: Pepsi Company (as an international and you can get its data in public) if you have another firm and you sure can get its data for the last recent 5 years is possible 2012 to 2016 to write new paper. (PhD Level)
Check the data from: MARKETLINE advantage or any other website

1- Choose PEPSI for example or any topic from Industrial dynamic course, and choose a firm that you can access to its full data set to analyze, replicate, and enter the data and results that you think. Compare Gibrat Law with the result.

2- You should access to the data of the company or any other international company you could access to its data for the recent 3 to 5 years at least. Then you have to start with analysis you have its data. (Must have enough data to test).

3- You should be aware of R programming or STATA, Econometric , Industrial Dynamic and Gibrate Law to start with this work ,because you must run a regression , open and solve equation, apply your test and show an empirical investigation of the paper to be accepted in the journal otherwise they will reject the work if there are a missing data or not include models…etc

4- When you access to PEPSI database you maybe will find the data for the last 3 years, which is enough to test it. There are missing variable in the data you should know, such as -9….

5- Use variable you need, independent variables..

6- You can choose any test such as the Growth rate (my professor like it) or size …etc , by using Gibrate Law. Plot size, Log normal, what is variables?

7- You have to run a regression of the sector.

8- You can use different measures.

9- You can separate regression from 2 different countries such as ITALY and SAUDI ARABIA or any country you want from different continent.

10- Why violated?

11- You should test Hypothesis, and show your empirical investigation of the paper.

12- You can take and replicate the work of the paper doing the same test but use your own test and empirical investigation.

13- Will provide you with some documents you can use it as a reference. Such as the criteria of this paper such as a1 , a2, a3 and what is it mean. Also, will send you papers that you can use or understand how to test the size or growth rate.

14- Number of pages: 13 to 16 pages without the cover pages and references.

15- Use Harvard references and no less than 15 references. (Write a paper according to The Journal format such as abstract, introduction lecturer review, models and your own models and equation to analyse and test the data and hypothesis and must give your empirical investigation…etc).