The Design Process of our Creative Agency


We guide our clients through a step by step design process and work extra hard as a team to communicate clearly and stay responsive.

Our process looks something like this:

  1. Discovery

Learning about the business, customers, and competition. Learning about the industry and their desired position in it. (This involves at least a questionnaire and in-person meeting.)

  1. Design Concepts

Usually 3-4 initial concepts and variations of each.

  1. Design Refinements

Gathering client input and settling on the logo direction. We explore the color palette as well as colorless versions of the logo. We also explore alternate versions of the logo, such as with an added tagline.

  1. Developing Brand Standards

At a minimum we create a guideline sheet with common do’s and don’ts of logo usage. Some brands would also benefit from a more robust style guide to ensure consistent use of type, color, and even photography style.

  1. Delivery of Final Files

We prepare files for the logo in the most commonly needed formats and deliver them to the client along with the original vector file.

This process can be expanded to include other brand collateral such as business cards, website, print marketing material, etc.

However, we understand that not every case needs an extensive design process.

Here is a more complex example:

This is more extensive than we would want, but the concepts are good. We could mention a “design brief” in ours, but keep things overall simpler.