Succeeding in Business


The purpose of the GoVentureCEO simulation is to provide a practical experience of dealing with the complexities of running a business from a general manager’s perspective. It will therefore equip students who have studied specific areas, such as accounting or finance, with an understanding of how these functions relate to broader organisational activities. An additional benefit is to provide a setting for students to apply their learnings on leadership, influencing skills and team dynamics.

The simulation report is an individual assignment of 2300 words based on the simulation experience. It includes a critical analysis of the changing strategic environment and company performance (1400 words); and an assessment of group effectiveness and reflection on the student’s individual contribution and learnings (600 words).

Length: 2300 words (includes ALL words including the reference list)*

Weight: 30%

Assessment Criteria

-Demonstrate an ability to identify, select and analyse business knowledge.

-Apply critical thinking to business practice, using course materials.
-Solve complex problems through appropriate forms of business analysis.
-Effective communication in the form of professional writing skills.
-Evidence of contribution to group effectiveness.
-Evidence of reflection on individual contribution and learnings.