Pure Gym Report



  • An overview of Pure Gym
  • introduction to the concept of marketing and communications
  • the purpose of your report
  • Must include referenced sources

i.e. As newly appointed Marketing, this report is prepared/organised on the instruction/advice of the Marketing Director of Pure Gym addressing the following tasks:

Marketing orientation

  1. Describe the selling and marketing orientation concepts– What are they? What does each orientation entail?
  2. How does an organisation benefit from using the marketing orientation approach? – Do not rely on bullet points

Give examples of Pure Gym’s approach to marketing orientation – what evidence is there to suggest Pure Gym are using a marketing orientation

 Marketing environments

  1. What is marketing environment analysis? Highlight what the marketing environment is made up of.

Why do organisations do a marketing environment analysis? You could mention the tools that can be used to analyse each environment?

Why is it important for Pure Gym to carry out a marketing environment analysis prior to setting a marketing strategy?

  1. What are macro environmental factors?

Choose two factors – you could choose from PESTEL

Explain each factor and the impact each factor could have on Pure Gym’s marketing decisions.

For each factor discussed state whether they would be an opportunity or threat for Pure Gym and why?

  1. What are micro environment factors?

Choose two factors – you could choose from porters five forces i.e. competition, suppliers etc. and explain the factors

Why should each factor be monitored?

  1. What are internal environmental factors?

Choose two factors that could be considered as strengths in Pure Gym’s operation i.e. Organisation Resources, Capabilities, Core competencies. Internal environment may include the company’s performance. It can be performance of sales, the market shares, the performance of profitability, customer’s loyalty towards the brand.

Explain each of the chosen factors

Why are the factors considered to be a strength?

 Marketing strategies

  1. What is market segmentation? What does it involve? Consider the various approaches to segmentation? i.e. demographic

Why is segmentation important in planning a marketing strategy for Pure Gym?

Marketing mix (7Ps)

  1. What is the marketing mix (7Ps)

For each P state Pure Gym’s current approach i.e. for product – what is the product/service offering? What are the features of the product etc.?

You must complete all 7 ps

  1. Based on the new objective develop a new marketing mixthat Pure Gym can utilise to achieve the new objective

Think about the Ps that will require a change i.e. promotion – tools used will probably be different given the focus on a new target audience (young audience)

You must complete all 7 ps

Conclusion – Summary of the key findings discussed