Public Health Risk Assessment


Public health risk assessment

Conduct a public health risk assessment for one of the following existing or emerging hazards as it affects or may affect Australia, and write a report outlining your findings: Dengue fever, XDR TB (extensively drug resistant tuberculosis), Avian influenza OR Poor air quality.

The following points should be covered in the risk assessment:

  • Describe the hazard, including a brief history of the hazard in Australia, the South East Asia/South Pacific region, and globally
  • Assess the impact an emergency involving this hazard may have on the Australian community (both in terms of public health and more generally)
  • Identify specific community sub-groups with higher vulnerability to this hazard, if any (and justify this identification)
  • Quantify the risk posed by this hazard (either in statistical terms or in comparison to other similar hazards). Justify your position on the degree of risk posed by this hazard.
  • Document current emergency management measures (following the Comprehensive Approach, see Lecture 1 – Prevention, preparation, response and recovery)
  • Critically appraise the limitations of current emergency management measures, including identification of potential alternative or additional measures, if appropriate.
  • Use each point as a sub heading (Brief introduction and conclusion)

Word count: 800 words


  • Minimum of FIVE
  • APA style