Policing and Indigenous Issues



This assessment comprises two parts.You are required to produce a reflective journal to record your responses to Part A and B.

Part A: Choose ONE of the following two questions. A minimum of 6 references is appropriate.

1. How over-represented are Indigenous people as victims of crime? What contemporary strategies are being pursued by the police to address the over-representation of Indigenous people, particularly women, as victims of crime? Your answer must refer to the latest Aboriginal Strategic Directions policy produced by the NSW Police Force. (10 marks) 500 words

2. In addressing the high victimization rates amongst Indigenous people, what crime prevention strategies are considered best practice for policing? (10 marks) 500 words

Part B. How has your learning this session progressed your thinking on the historical and contemporary relationship between Indigenous people and the police? What particular issue or literature provided you with the most new insights? How will you use this information in your future practice? ie. In future professional or personal practice. (20 marks) 1000 words

The issues covered were:

– ‘Aboriginality/Indigeneity’ and Frontier Violence
– Segregation, Dispersal and Resistance
– Policing, Indigenous Australians and the Criminal Justice System
– Violence in Indigenous Communities and Public Order Policing

As a guide, at least 6 references for each question is appropriate. Use authoritative websites and do NOT use websites such as Creative Spirits as references.

Students are expected to use correct terminology/language, grammar and punctuation in the written responses.