Organization’s Structure and Culture (Walmart)


3)Submit a written Brief Proposal of Research containing the following:

A brief overview of the chosen organization and your role in it

A preliminary problem statement in the form of a researchable question
A brief narrative description of the organizational problem that you would like to research and resolve
Which Terminal Course Objective(s) your problem is related to

3)Conduct library research on your topic.

Identify a minimum of six scholarly resources for your project.

All resources for the paper must come from DeVry/Any Library and must be of scholarly quality.

Use the librarians for assistance in accessing materials.
Review the Using EBSCO tutorial.
Please Note: Articles found online (many on consulting company websites, Internet magazines, or other blogs) will not be considered an acceptable scholarly resource. Conduct your research through a library where you can be assured that the sources are of scholarly quality.

Submit a written Expanded Research Proposal containing the following:

Title page and Table of Contents

Documentation of at least three initial scholarly sources from the library
Expanded introduction to the organization
Expanded description of your chosen problem
Preliminary solution options (can be bullet points)
Preliminary analysis of leadership and organizational behavior concepts addressed in the paper