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For Part B of this assignment, learners are required to submit a 2to 3 page reflective analysis of the professional meeting that they attended (including 3 to 4 scholarly references in addition to those used for Part A of this assignment). For this analysis, a modified version of the LEARN framework (College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO), 1996; Matthew-Maich, 2000) will structure your submission.

Look Back (describe the events as they occurred and as you experienced them )

Elaborate (provide emphasis to help the reader to understand key elements of the meeting and why they were significant )

Analyze (analyze the process and outcomes – why did things happen the way they did? What are the outcomes of the meeting and what implications do these have for nursing practice and healthcare? What were your thoughts and perceptions in the moment? Upon deeper reflection, did you gain any new insights? How is your analysis influenced by the scholarly literature – drawing upon 3 -4 scholarly references in addition to those used for Part A of this assignment )

Revise (How has your thinking changed as a result of attending this meeting? What might you do differently in another situation? What might you suggest the organization do differently? How are your ideas influenced by the relevant professional literature?)

New Trial Planning (Based on your experience, what plans can you make for future involvement and action in professional meetings (either in follow-up to this one or in unrelated meetings)? Have you taken any action in this respect (e.g., joined a professional group, joined a committee, made plans for subsequent attendance) or can you imagine next steps moving forward?)