New Venture Creation


For the follow 4 question please only reference the textbook – Spinelli, S & Adams RJ 2016, New venture creation: entrepreneurship for the 21st century, 10th edn.
For all question please only refer to Australian Businesses Only!

Q1 – (550 Words)

‘Building a new venture is a journey, not a destination in itself.’ Wealth created, at some point, has to be harvested. Identify a business with which you are familiar and discuss the strategy used by the entrepreneur to ‘harvest’ the business. Select another ‘harvesting’ strategy that may have worked as well and discuss why.

Q2 – (550 Words)

You have been asked to present to a private company of your choice, the various options available to companies considering obtaining debt capital. The private company has asked you to discuss examples of businesses that have successfully obtained different sources of debt capital and to explain why this type of capital suited this business.

Q3 – (550 Words)

A) No aspiring business owner can start a new venture without a certain amount of resources. Positioning yourself as a business owner about to embark on the adventure of starting a new business or organisation, critically evaluate at a broad level what resources would be most important for the business to be successful
B) New business ventures, by their very nature, often present significant risks ( as well as opportunity). As an entrepreneur, introduce an organisation/business or service offering as part of your answer and propose the few key strategies that will be adopted to reduce risks of the new venture.
Q4 – (550 Words)
When companies undergo rapid growth they can experience various business issues (e.g. qualitative and quantitative warning signs) that can influence future growth, profitability and long term survival in a dynamic marketplace.
Discuss qualitative and quantitative issues associated with rapid growth and provide recommendations as to how these can be remedied. Provide examples to illustrate your answer.