MBA 5101-Financial Accounting Writing Assignment


Select any Saudi Company and using its Financial Statements (Jarir), answer the following requirements in the textbook.

I have selected Jarir company and you can find the financial statement for it in the below link:

Question 1

Review the SEC 10-K form for Jarir, and answer the following questions:


  1. Compute the change in Jarir current ratio and working capital from 2011 to 2012. Which accounts are the most important in explaining that change?
  2. What is included in Jarir’s balance sheet cash account?
  3. How large are Jarir’s receivables relative to current assets and total assets? how important is receivable management to Jarir’s operations? How large is the reserve (allowance) for bad debts? Explain.
  4. What percent of revenue and accounts receivable results from international sales? What strategies does Jarir’s employee to mitigate risks related to foreign currency?
  5. Why is the increase in accounts receivable listed in the operating section of the statement of the cash flows?


Question 2


Review the Jarir SEC form 10-K, and answer the following questions:


  1. What percentage of total assets do property, plant and equipment and long-lived assets in total make up?


  1. What is the largest category of property, plant and equipment?


  1. How large is the depreciation and amortization expense relative to sales, and why is it listed on the statement of cash flows?


  1. What method and estimated lives does Jarir use for its property, plant, and equipment?


  1. What is the company’s largest intangible asset?


  1. What is Jarir policy on asset impairments?


  1. How much did Jarir invest in property, plant and equipment during 2012?




You are limited to two single-spaced pages (12 point font). The assignment submissions should be well-organized, concise, and grammatically correct written business communications.

Length: The paper should be approximately 4-page long including the references. It may be little larger or smaller so concentrate on quality than on quantity.

Plagiarism: cut and paste will not be allowed at all. If you want to use other authors’ ideas word for word, do it properly by putting those under quotations. Otherwise, write in your words. Do not use too many quotations because it will reduce your own input

References should be consistent. That is, only one type will be followed. You cannot mix various styles when giving references.

Grading: the writing assignment will be evaluated based on: Originality, effort, depth of discussion, simplicity,