Mayor Ed Murray and Seattle’s Historic fight for $15


The оbjective of the Mаster Cаse Studу is to evaluate an MPA student’s ability to comprehend a case, assess the core problems and causes, provide theoretical and empirical analysis, and
make summary lessons and recommendations. The student should be able to write a coherent
and convincing narrative analysis of the case, drawing on appropriate theory, justifying claims
with data and evidence, using the American Psychological Association (APA) style standards.

This semester’s case for analysis in the Mastery Case Study is entitled “Mayor Ed Murray and Seattle’s Historic Fight for $15.” This case documents the events, negotiations, and policy

processes of a major United States city to consider its own minimum wage ordinance.

In your narrative case analysis report for the Mastery Case Study, please address the policy positions and goals of major players in a complicated policy-making process as described in the case; assess leadership of an elected official as they oversee the policy process; examine the public policy process and role of popular pressure; and consider how conflicts can be negotiated and resolved to advance public policy, particularly in the realm of wages and employment.