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Legal Issues Actions for Legal Issues

A student is doing a clinical rotation on a medical-surgical unit. In the hallway outside a patient’s room, a staff nurse explains the patient’s diagnosis to the student, mentioning that the medical condition typically is seen in patients with long-term cocaine use. When providing care for the patient, the student asks about any illegal drug use. The patient becomes upset and says that he has never used illegal drugs in his life. The student tells the patient that his condition is usually seen with long-term cocaine use. The patient orders the student out of his room, yelling that she has violated his constitutional rights and he is going to sue her for not providing a reasonable standard of care.

1.Did a breach of confidentiality occur between the student and the patient or between the student and the nurse? Explain.

2.What is constitutional law and was constitutional law broken in this scenario?

Two months after the patient in the scenario is discharged, his wife leaves him and he loses his job. The patient files an intentional tort action against both the student and the nurse.

3.Is this an appropriate legal action? ?

4.Would the patient in this scenario have grounds for malpractice?