Erikson’s theory of Socioemotional Development



Be sure to address both parts of the assignment in one complete essay:

  1. Apply Erikson’s theory to yourself or someone in your life (child, parent, etc.). Identify the stage you or the person you are discussing is in, and describe (in your own words) what Erikson proposed as the life crisis or developmental task of the stage (pgs 29/30 in chapter word doc ).

–apply it to my son, Noah age 2 years old.—in the second stage of toddlerhood.

  1. Discuss how this stage is being experienced by the individual, and indicate whether the crisis of the stage is being resolved positively or negatively; discuss behavior that led you to this conclusion.

–maybe discuss potty training as his main experience (is being independent vs shame/doubt) and that he is adjusting well, crisis is being resolved positively (was somewhat resistant in beginning, shy about taking off diaper but once we reassured him it was ok he accepted it and is eager to use his potty now that he knows it’s good); behaviors that led to conclusion: him being shy in the beginning, then accepting of letting us sit him on potty, then him asking to go to the potty then him going to the potty by himself completely. (Note: he’s only 2 so this is still rough and has plenty of accidents but is aware its ok and not “bad” —Authoritative parenting)