Critical and Analytical Essay


Please note: It is desirable that you write in the first person.   The essay topic is to;

  • identify your own philosophy of life,
  • your personal values and your values in relationships.
  • Consider what life experiences have shaped these personal values; where have they come from and what sustains them?
  • Also, discuss how compatible are your values with the core values of social work and human services.
  • As a social work or human services professional, how would you manage a significant clash in values and the challenge of not imposing your personal values on to the client? To do this, you need to provide an example or brief scenario and your response. Review units 1-4.

N.B: Once you will be identifying your personal values, you don’t leave out discussion of the AASW Code of Ethics (specific sections on values) and this is a requirement of the assignment. Also, you need to discuss the difference between personal values and professional values in some detail and analyse whether these are compatible and what the impact of this might be on your practice. Are your personal values in agreement with professional values or not? This discussion needed to be specific in relation to professional values, as evidenced from a code of ethics.

You also need to discuss how you would not impose your own values on others. You have to provide an example or scenario of a clash of values and how you would manage this situation. May use more paragraphs and headings to make clear your essay.