Comparative Essay


Write one original five- to six-page comparative paper. Ann Douglas describes the major shift of the nineteenth-century as the “feminization of American culture.” In fact, the shift from the Cult of True Womanhood of the early nineteenth century to the New Woman of the early twentieth made cultural values about gender roles, sex, and sexuality an important focus of American realism and naturalism, often as a way to discuss tensions about other changes taking place in society as well.
Select two of the texts from this unit (e.g. Henry James, Stephen Crane, Louisa May Alcott, Kate Chopin, Edith Wharton). How are issues of gender, sex, and/or sexuality used as a way to address broader social change in U.S. society? Feel free to narrow your focus as much as you’d like (representation of masculinity, independence, sexuality, marriage… just choose ONE particular social change).

NO secondary sources required, but cite any and all sources with in-text citations (including page or line numbers) and a Works Cited. Please choose the links provided down below in your sources.

NOTE::: Choose two from the following:

Edith Wharton, “House of Mirth”
Kate Chopin, “The Awakening”
Louisa May Alcott, “My Contraband”
Crane, Stephen, “Maggie: A Girl of the Streets”
Henry James, “Daisy Miller: A Study”My Contraband:

Daisy Miller: