Business Simulation Report


Assessment Briefing
Building on your work with your group you are required to write a report where you critically evaluate the success of the management team’s decisions during the two-year period operation of the foodservice business. Using appropriate theories and literature you will identify strengths and weaknesses of the strategies adopted for the success of your operation. You need to evaluate the impact of your decisions made during the trading period on the food service operations with regards to:

Menu management / value proposition
Operations management (human resources, operating costs, atmosphere, upgrade and expansion)
Marketing decisions and sales performance (sales mix, etc.)
Customer satisfaction and feedback
Competitive performance
Proposed remedial action for the following trading year

Assessment Criteria
The criteria against which the achievement of the learning outcomes will be assessed are:

To demonstrate, using and managing information technology (Restaurant simulation) the ability to make decisions in food service businesses using academically rigorous and commercially sound principles and practices.

To demonstrate the ability to manage the adoption of innovative
managerial approaches in the food service sector in order to gain
competitive advantage.

To synthesise and critically evaluate information from relevant sources (Restaurant simulation) in order to select appropriate for the business solutions and strategies that can provide an edge in the food service environment