Building, Environment, Technology and Simple Construction


Learning outcomes

Code Description
LO1. identify the concepts and principles associated with the building, environment and
technology of simple construction and be able to evaluate and interpret them using
sketches, drawings or in written form
LO2. describe building elements and components in specific situations; how, when and
where they would be favoured; and the construction sequence for simple buildings
LO3. evaluate the appropriateness of different approaches, materials and construction in
simple construction in accordance with building, environment and technology theories
and sustainability
LO4. communicate accurately and reliably on building, environment and technology issues
for simple construction, using structured coherent arguments and theory


The architect has looked at the proposals that you made (in the Assignment 1 task) and made some

suggestions. You have decided to manage the project yourself, based on what you have learnt from
these suggestions and from a recent study, using directly employed tradespeople.
However, a large amount of the money that you won on the National Lottery has been spent or
allocated to other items, and this means that you will now have to obtain a ‘self-build’ loan to partly
fund your dream.
Your self-build loan provider has asked you to explain to them why they can safely provide you with
a loan for half the estimated sale value of the property against a mortgage on the property.


Write a report to your self-build loan provider where you explain:
• your final proposals, including any changes or modifications to the chosen building system;
• the quality of the windows doors and finishes that you propose;
• how you will achieve an efficient energy performance;
• how long the build will take to complete, highlighting any critical activities that could delay
Include drawings and sketches, as you see fit, to enhance the description of your proposals. All
drawings or sketches must be A4-size.
Your report should give the loan provider confidence that you have an appropriate level of technical
competence to manage this project. It does not have to cover the financial aspects of the project.