Big Pharma Big Bucks Exposure


Big Pharma, is the nickname used to refer collectively to global pharmaceutical companies.

Critics of the industry often use this nickname when discussing abuses by the industry.

Watch the following YouTube videos:

Part 1- Big Pharma Big Bucks Exposure:

Part 2 – Big Pharma Big Bucks Exposure:

Part 3 Big Pharma Big Bucks Exposure:

Part 4 – Big Pharma Big Bucks Exposure:

Part 5 – Big Pharma Big Bucks Exposure:

Clip 7 Big Pharma Big Bucks Exposure:

Answer the following questions:

1. Who are the primary stakeholders and who are the secondary stakeholders and what are their


2. to these various


3. Describe the various ethical issues addressed in these various videos?

4. What are the various tactics and marketing practices described in these videos?

5. In your opinion, are their justifications for these tactics and practices? Which are acceptable

and which are questionable?

6. Big Pharma, need and spend lots of money on research and development in order to come up

with new drugs that cure illnesses and diseases. In that respect, do you think that the ends

justify the means? i.e. is it acceptable to use questionable methods in order to achieve an

honorable objective (cure diseases)?

Please note that above videos provide introductory information about BigPharam industry.

You are encouraged however to go beyond the YouTube videos to search for related news

and information on Big Pharma. Make sure you cite any additional sources you use.