Airline Business Case


For effective presentations, please convert all currencies to Canadian or U.S. dollars, and use airline network maps to explain what routes your carrier or airport serves. Papers must be typed; 1.5 line spacing and 12 point font size are preferred. For citation and references please follow normal style of academic journal article.

The following are typical sources of information for your profiles:

  1. Airline websites
  2. The airline’s latest annual report available: For this you need to contact the airline of your choice as soon as you chose an airline. It generally takes at least 2 weeks for you to get the annual report from a foreign carrier. Annual reports for a few major airlines may be available in various libraries.
  3. ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization, headquartered in Montreal) publications are good sources of airline data. ICAO publishes annual and quarterly statistics for most of the world’s airlines via its Digest of Statistics series (there are a number of publications).
  4. IATA (International Air Transport Association, headquartered in Montreal) also publishes some statistical books and various studies. Among their publications, the World Air Transport Statistics is a quite valuable source of information on airlines.

For other qualitative sources of information about airlines and airports e.g. strategies currently being adopted, latest news etc., consult the airline industry magazines and news media such as CAPA Center for Aviation.


Basic Marking way for the paper:

  1. Well organized profile write-up
  2. Accurate and up-to-date information
  3. Completeness of the basic information (e.g., passenger and revenue data, network and market, employees and Fleet indication)
  4. Understandable/Logical or confusing
  5. Smooth and professional writing of the report
  6. Importance of the aspect analyzed
  7. Depth of the analysis